Energy-Serv, as an energy services company (ESCO) is dedicated to the provision of some energy efficient technologies and services including energy appraisals, financing, design, implementation and management of these specific energy efficiency projects.

Engaging ENERGY SERV is one way to identify and implement energy efficiency projects in your facility. If your company lacks time, expertise or experience in implementing energy efficiency projects, engaging us could provide the expertise required to implement them.

Types of Services

The typical services include:

Energy appraisal – Project Identification – Feasibility Analysis

An energy appraisal is a detailed study on the energy consumption to identify and quantify to save energy . From appraisal (audit), options to save energy will be identified and available and final decisions will be taken based on Technical-Economic-Financial Analysis.

Project financing

Energy-Serv can provide or arrange financing for energy efficiency projects. Financing for projects could be available through (ESCOs) and/or other sources.

Do not let unavailability of funds prevent your company from making energy investments that pay for themselves from energy savings.

Especially for Romanian market, the ESCO involvement in the specific energy & renewables EU funding is very effective: the ESCO brings expertise in project preparation, feasibility analysis, procurement and project management – areas of expertise which most of the Clients do not have specifically.

Project guarantee

A project guarantee requires ENERGY-SERV to verify that the energy efficiency project meets the energy performance guarantees. We provide a guarantee that the project will achieve the promised energy savings. Any shortfall in savings will therefore be made up by the us. To do that, Energy-Serv provide project monitoring and verification.

Equipment maintenance and servicing

For Energy-Serv to achieve the guaranteed energy savings stipulated, we will require a maintenance contract of the equipment.

Companies can enter into performance contracts for the implementation of the energy efficiency projects with us.