Thermal Imaging

       We are the first company in Romania to purchase a thermal imaging camera and to perform infrared measurements, since 1999. During this period, our area of ​​expertise has expanded in various thermography applications such as low or high voltage systems and installations, thermal or mechanical equipments, infrared building scan, various production processes, research programs or preventive maintenance programs.

In over 10 years of experience in infrared measurement, we have successfully applied this technology to a large number of customers, including COCA-COLA, URSUS, CET  BUCURESTI SUD, CET GROZAVESTI, ROMAG PROD etc. Currently, we are able to carry out any inspections and infrared measurements, in any field.

The equipments used are among the top performers in the market today and are among the few thermography cameras in Romania which are part of the “Professional” category, excelling in technical specifications: IR sensor resolution , thermal sensitivity, temperature range, accuracy. Our software has all the necessary functions to perform a thermal analysis and our staff is certified Level 1 – FLIR by “Infrared Training Center, Stockholm, Sweden, ITC International”.  As a finality, the infrared inspection results are provided to the client in a written report form which will include:

  1. list of detected faults
  2. individual fault reports
  3. infrared image
  4. digital image
  5. location
  6. measured temperatures and reference temperatures
  7. table including calculation parameters
  8. criteria for fault classification
  9. recommendations


Termografie   inspectii termoviziune   Termoviziune infrarosu   Turbina infrarosu

Mentenanta preventiva   masuratori termoviziune   Gradientul de temperatura la un Jet bifazic in infrarosu   Masuratori in infrarosu

One of the specialized energy services and technologies to identify the most appropriate measures to reduce energy costs, for specific applications of various consumers is the inspection by infrared measurements through preventive maintenance programs.  The advantages of implementing a preventive maintenance program are:

  1. It eliminates possible faults that may cause damage, fire, costly production interruptions etc..
  2. It keeps the maximum operation reliability;
  3. You can properly and correctly plan repairs;
  4. Reducing the risk of fire and accidental interruption in equipment operation;
  5. By eliminating the “risks” above, you may lower insurance costs with insurance companies;
  6. It significantly reduces maintenance budgets, including the staff assigned to this activity;
  7. By making periodically inspections, you can easily check the quality of the previous repair.

Our company owns logistics, qualified personal, experience and the appropriate authorization to perform ” infrared inspections ” for electrical, thermal or mechanical equipments, buildings, various production processes, any other installations etc.