Energy Efficiency through ESCO concept

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Energy-Serv can undertake complex “energy efficiency project implementation” for any Client. This will involve:

  1. Identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities;
  2. Develop engineering designs and specifications;
  3. Manage the project from design to installation to monitoring;
  4. Arrange for financing;
  5. Train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance services;
  6. Guarantee that savings will cover all project costs.

ESCO Project Financing:

Energy-Serv has the capability to:

-arrange the financial package for the Clients, in a traditional way and providing “performance guarantees”.

-provide its own financial resurces, jointly with Client’s financial resources for the project.

-execute a project, “on a turn-key basis”, totally through its own financing.

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Finantarea in concept ESCO a proiectelor de eficienta energetica