The first high-efficiency cogeneration plant in Romania, on biomass, based on ORC technology

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SC SORTILEMN SA, of Gherla city located in central part of Romania, a local leading Romanian furniture manufacturer,  is on the way of implementing an investment in a high efficiency cogeneration plant on biomass.

This is the first plant ever  built in Romania, by the technology employed (thermal oil + ORC cycle) and its specific application (high efficiency cogeneration on biomass) and it is planned to be commissioned by April 2012.

The project is implemented in partnership with the ESCO company, SC ENERGY-SERV SRL, based in Bucharest, which took the integrated  task of Project  Concept & Design (Feasibility Analysis, Finance Structuring, Procurement-Implementation-Commissioning) and Operation.

The cogeneration plant, which will generate ~1,3 MWe electricity and ~7 MWt thermal energy, is the result of Sortilemn  company policy to:

-          reduce the energy (power & heat) costs;

-          make best use of the available renewable sources (wood wastes);

-          reduce the GHG (Green House Gas) emissions;

-          promote new and well proven technologies for energy efficiency.

All these above will turn completely Sortilemn into a “green company” from its technological / manufacturing  process as well as from its (wood) products  to be delivered to its clients (some of them being IKEA, ….). By implementing this project, Sortilemn complies fully with Romanian and EU regulations concerning the high efficiency cogeneration and promotion of renewable sources and energy. Accordingly, the project is financed through EU funds, made available to Romania for such type of projects, as well as own financing sources of Sortilemn and funds from the specialized Romanian REEF (Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund-FREE).

This is the first plant to be built in Romania, by its new concept and technology employed for the specific application and it is hoped that this project will open the door to a large market of similar applications in wood & furniture industry, district heating, industrial heat recovery, etc.

For more information:

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