BEFORE Therma-Chem FS-12 & AFTER Therma-Chem FS-12

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On load fireside treatment of steam boilers and refinery process units.
Energy Serv has a License Agreement with GB Therma-Chem Ltd. (Scotland – UK) to distribute and apply this technology in Central and East European Countries and Middle East Countries.

- Therma-Chem FS-12 is a technology for on-line fireside cleaning for steam boilers and process heaters in power plants and refineries which use heavy fuel oil, refinery fuel gas or coals.
The treatment:
- It consist in spraying, periodicaly, on-line, into the combustion chamber of an aqueus sollution Therma-Chem FS-12, through a specially designed dosing/spraying system.
The effects of the treatment:

  1. Reduce/eliminate trouble with slagging and fouling in specific parts of the unit: radiant cells, superheaters, economizers, air-heaters, etc.
  2. Eliminate sulphurous deposits and low temperature acid corrosion,
  3. Eliminate vanadium corrosion and high temperature corrosion,
  4. Improve boiler and process furnace efficiency,
  5. Reduce specific fuel consumption,
  6. Reduce COx, SOx, NOx emissions,
  7. Reduce or eliminate soot blowing,
  8. Make unis easier to clean.

For more information please visit:

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Before Therma-Chem Treatment

Steam Superheater before  Preincalzitor de aer (inainte)  procces_heater_connection_section_before  Superheater (before)

After Therma-Chem Treatment

Steam Superheater after  Preincalzitor de aer (dupa)  procces_heater_connection_section_after